RE: TB Network Governance Conference Call and Screen Share-February 16th

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Please join TimeBanks Network with Facilitators Lisa Conlan Lewis, TBUSA CEO and Steve Bosserman, Columbus Ohio TimeBank, on Thursday, February 16th  at 2 PM and 7 PM Eastern Time.  

This will be the first call of many that will support the development of a Governance Structure for TimeBanks.  

For the last couple of months, TimeBanks has been inviting everyone to read the:

Conference dial-in number: (209) 647-1600
Participant access code: 395230

You can also call the skype contact: freeconferencecallhd.2096471600
to get into the same conference call.

Steve has developed a Trello Board that will help us to work through key  questions that  are in the book that will help us in building our on governance structure.

We also have a forum and a  governance workgroup for posts, calendar,shared files, and assignments located on the Action Hub, which is currently in the last stages of development and preparing for testing.

For those that will be in front of a computer during the calls can screen share with us by going to:


1. Purpose of the Governance Work Group & Why read the Starfish and the Spider

2.  Introduction of membership and interests of Governance Work Group members

3.  Overview of the Trello Board and organizing of workgroup activities and discussions

4.  Getting to the Key Questions

5.  Schedule of calls, activities, assignments and next steps

We will be recording and posting the calls for those who cannot join us for the first calls on February 16th.