Rating by Cindy Jayne of Community Weaver Reports

Community Weaver Reports

Some of the reports that we defintely require are:

Birthdays: Used for member newsletter monthly and our Welcome committee

List of exchanges, Frequently exchanged services, Members without exchanges: used to determine monthly and annual reports/Time Bank health

Member Balances:used for quarterly balance reports to members and for coordinator to track activity/inactivity/overuse of services etc.

Demographic analysis: Especially critical for funders, any government reports (Americorp Vista reports) and for GIS mappping.

Number of new members, transactions and time credits (time dollars) per month, per year and over time.

Our Member directory & Service Guide are designed to extract the data directly from Community Weaver and include all items on Marketplace - categories & sub-categories, first name, last name, city & zip code.  This is extremely important since we have many members without computer access.  Will this be easily exported?

All transaction data from the very beginning (1999) must be retrievable since past research and current research is being studied based on transaction data.

Will data be exported to a CSV for use in acess or excell?  This is extremely important since we are in the middle of a research project that we have baseline data from 2006 and will need to access transaction data.

Impact on Members: 
Impact on Coordinators: 
Impact on Future/Growth: 
Universality of Need: 


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Community Weaver Reports

These feature are more than critical, they are a must for historical data gathering for marketing, funding, and efficiency. We need to move this up in priority, and balance the interests of the membership with the interests of the local Time Bank, and as well the national movement as well as academia.

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Monthly Report

Notes from Task Force Meeting 2/15:

It would be great to be able to generate a monthly report that lists members who's annual membership has expired and, if possible, generate an email reminder to renew. Many times people join and never use the time bank. An annual check-in helps inspire activity. I have trouble keeping track of who to contact when.