Prepare for the Launch of a New Timebank

To start a new Timebank please,

Step 1.  Create your personal Action Hub Account


You will become your Timebank's Representative to TimeBanks.Org.  Please use your personal email, address and telephone number when you create your personal account on the Action Hub web site so that TBUSA can contact you.  Please do not use a generic timebank email address to create your Action Hub Account.  Please also choose a User name that identifies you, instead of a generic timebank name.   As your Timebank's Representative you will then be able to submit an application to TimeBanks.Org on behalf of your Timebank.



FIRST - Create a new account on ActionHub

IMPORTANT: You will be sent an automatic validation email from Action Hub to confirm your email address. Remember to check your spam folders if it does not arrive very quickly. Click on the link in the validation email to confirm your email address and your account will be activated.

Go to Create new Account and fill out the fields for a new account and continue below.


SECOND - After confirming your email address

Login to the new account with your username or email and password.  Go to:  Action Hub Login

To view and then to edit your personal profile click on the tab “My Account”, click on the link “Edit My Profile” at the bottom left of the the page. You will be able to edit your “Account Information” or your “User Information”.  Since you will be your Timebank's Representative please fill out your personal contact information (not the Timebank contact information) in the following fields under “User Information”

  • First Name *
  • Last Name *
  • Street Address *
  • City *
  • State *[If you are not registering from USA or Canada, please first choose the country and then you will be able to enter a state or province as appropriate. If you are registering from the USA or Canada, then a state or provinse is required]
  • Country *
  • Postal Code* [If you are registering from another country and do not have a postal code, please enter “00000” as the postal code.]
  • Phone number *

* items are required

Also please share a bit about yourself in the “About Me,” “Interests” and “Skills” sections.


Step 2.  Fill out the Timebank Application form

First, be sure that you are logged in to your Action hub account

This is where we ask you to submit your Timebank's information.

Go to Timebank Application Form


P.S. If you have a requests for technical support, click: Technical Support