Approving New Members

When someone registers to join your time, bank an email with their account details will be sent to the coordinators.

You will will need to approve your membership before you will be able to see other members, post ads, or exchange services.

Everyone who requests a new account will be sent a notification email with a request to click on a link to validate their email address.  Until they validate their email, they will be listed as "Awaiting Email Confirmation." After they validate their email they will be listed under "Email Address Confirmed."

Please note that, for example, if the notification email lands in their spam folder and they do not notice it, then all future email from Community Weaver could easily also end up in their spam folder. Therefore it is important to be sure that they actually can receive email from Community Weaver. Best practice is to only approve new members AFTER they have confirmed their email.

Coordinators and Primary Coordinators can approve new members from the Control Panel under Users Awaiting Approval of their Membership on the right-hand side.

  1. Check the name of the user whose membership you would like to approve.
  2. Click "Approve Selected Users"
  3. Click "Confirm"

This will give the applicant the membership access in your Timebank. They will then will be able to see other members, post ads, or exchange services.

You can always change permission levels of a user once they have been approved.