Edit Member Profiles

Coordinators and Primary Coordinators can edit user profiles.  Consult the following list to find out where you need to go:
  1. Search and find any user and go to their profile
  2. Click on Edit User Account in the left-hand column, under the user's contact information, to edit:
    * Username
    * Password **
    * Roles / Permissions (Note: you can by going to Edit these Roles / Permissions of Multple Users from the Control Panel, right-side under Members)
    * Block the member
    * Minimum or Maximum Hour Limits
    * Photo:  The image you upload can be of type GIF, PNG or JPEG.  Other image types such as TIFF and RAW will not work.  Note: After you upload a new photo you must refresh the web browser (Control-R or Command-R) for the new image to appear.
    * Location
    * Email settings (Don't bother checking the box in Contact settings--this function is not used.)
  3. Click on Edit Coordinator-Only Options in the top right-hand column to edit:
    * Guardian Angel Mode Settings
    * Coordinator Notes
    * Broadcast email subscriptions
  4. Click on Edit Profile Details in the left-hand column, under Availability, to edit:
    * First and Last Name
    * Neighborhood and Affiliations
    * Group Project and Community Driving preferences
    * Living Situation
    * Transportation
    * Languages
    * Birthday
    * Description
    * Availability
    * Personal Links
  5. Be sure you click Save to record your changes.

** Note Coordinators and Primary Coordinators cannot see user passwords, but they can reset them for users.