Add and Edit Pages

Coordinators and Primary Coordinators can create custom content within your own site by creating new web pages and adding whatever content you want to these pages:

  1. Click on Add a New Web Page under Add New Contenttop left-hand column in the Control Panel.  
  2. To edit existing pages, click Edit an Existing Web Page Edit under Web Site Content, middle left-hand colum. 
  3. To add images see Step-by-step instructions for adding images
  4. You can create announcements, quicklinks, or tabs to link to pages you have created.

For tips about editing links, see "Configuring LINKS to other pages or web sites." 

  • Note 1: if you do not create a link to your new page somewhere in the site, users may not know the page is there, but it will still appear in site searches.


  • Note 2: If you want to create or edit a page and prevent it from being visible in your site (for example, because you are still drafting it) when in edit mode:
  1. Scroll down to and click on the section 'Publishing Options'
  2. un-check the box at 'Published'
  3. save  (Unpublished pages will have a faint pink background)

To publish it, replace the check mark at 'Pubished' and save.