Send Broadcast Emails

Coordinators and Primary Coordinators can send broadcast emails to specific groups of members based on search criteria:

  1. Go to Send Broadcast Email from the Control Panel (under Members, top-right column)
  2. The default setting is for the mail to be sent to "Any" which means everyone. (Any means all accounts including those awaiting email confirmation, those with with no role, members, and all coordinators). You may narrow the list of recipients by choosing members that have certain User Roles (for example ro send to  "Members"), or belong to certain Affiliations, Neighborhoods.  Select your criteria and click Apply.
  3. Select members from the list at the bottom of the screen who you would like to receive your mass email.  
    • If you want to select all of the members in your search list, click on the check-box in the top- left-hand corner just above the list  "Select All [#] Members in this View."
    • If you click on members on one page and then view other pages, the system will remember members you have checked on those other pages.
    • If you choose to send across "all pages," then want to deselect some, you should do that before writing or pasting the message into the body of the mail.
  4. The email message body already includes the message footer but the first time you do, you'll want to set the correct address in the footer.*
  5. Copy or write your message into the message field of the email.**
  6. Click Send Mass Mail.
  7. You'll get a confirmation screen.  Click Confirm and your email will be processed for sending.  ***
  8. It will send within about three hours, depending on how busy your site is.
  9. The email will be sent from the address
The footer is attached to the bottom of broadcast emails as required for CANSPAM compliance.  The next time you send an email from this screen, all the text and settings will remain from the last message, including the message footer you set the last time.
** If you change any selections for recipients of the mass mailing, the body of the message will revert to the previous sent message. Therefore it might be best to compose your message in an external editor and then paste it into the mail mailing message field.

*** If you get an error message in a red box, it may be because the addressees include an offline member that has a "fake" or "offline" email address in their profile.

Manage Subscriptions

You can subscribe or unsubscribe members from all mailing lists by changing their Coordinator-Only Options:

  1. Search and find any user and go to their profile.
  2. Click on Edit Coordinator-Only Notes on the top-right hand side of their profile.
  3. Find Opt Out of Broadcast Email and select Receive normal broadcasts (default) or Opt out of messages