Add New Members

There are two ways to create a new account for a prospective member.

  1. Anyone can go to the timebank's home page and create a new account. If the prospective member creates their own new account they immediately can enter a password of their own choosing and will automatically receive a notification to confirm that their email address is correct and valid. The prospective member will also automatically be requested to agree to the Terms of Use for your timebank. For the details see: "Create new account". 
  2. A 'TB Coordinator' or 'TB Primary Coordinator' can create a new account for a prospective member from the Control Panel. If  a coordinator creates the account, the prospective member does not know the password entered by the coordinator. The prospective member will not be asked to agree, nor will they be shown the timebank's 'Terms of Use'. The prospective member will also not be automatically sent a email verification request. See the details below.

To minimize a coordinators work load it is best to ask all prospective members to create their own account, as mentioned in item 1 above.

For coordinators adding a new member:

  1. From the Control Panel click on Add a New Member, under the Add New Content section in the top left-hand side. 
  2. Fill in the information accordingly. Certain information is required for each account.
  3. If you want to immediately give that person membership access, check "Member" under Roles. Otherwise, do not assign a role.
  4. If you want the member to receive a notification about the new account, check mark "Notify user of new account" uder Roles.
  5. Click on Create New Account.

Note: All users must have email addresses in Community Weaver 2.0.  If you need to add a member without an email address, you'll need to create an email address or use a false one for that user.