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Organization as a Type of Member


(This has recently been released as a new feature for TBNYC and would have been brought over to CW.)

An Organization should be able to create an account in a Timebank. The profile for an Organization has some new fields (Mission, Contact Person, Contact Person details, etc) and does not use most of the Attributes for Individual members.


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Organization Members

This is so important moving forward! There are so many timeBanks that have organizations as members, and a growing movement to use TimeBanking specifically to encourage exchanges between organizations. I can't say how many times people ask about adding organizations to their membership, and the work-around for CW.  I haven't seen how this works for TBNYC, but one thing that would be good organizations could automatically be added to the affiliations list when they join. That way, their staff/clients/volunteers who participate in the TimeBank as individuals can also affiliate themselves with the organization right away.