Rating by abaier of Ability of a single User account to belong to multiple timebanks

Single user being able to register in multiple timebanks

Michigan is currently unique because we've got the Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks (MATB) stirring the pot, providing training to coordinators and encouraging the creation of TimeBanks around the state. As a result there is substantial cross-pollination going on, the most important part of which is that the MATB has its own TimeBank for exchanges by coordinators in support of each others TimeBanks. Unfortunately, under CW v1.0 it is necessary for us to have a separate account, email address and password for each TimeBank, and I get the impression this still holds for CW v2.0. This is pretty inconvenient, and as a long-time database guy it seems unnecessary. This is a problem which is likely to grow as TimeBanks become more prevalent and cases of geographically overlapping TimeBanks with different constituencies arise more often. In programming terms I'm suggesting a refactoring from a data structure along the lines of Table: Account - ID|Name|Email|Timebank ID|Hours Table: Timebank - ID|Name|Mission Table: Exchanges - ID|Account ID|Date|Description|Hours to one like Table: Account - ID|Name|Email|Personal Profile Table: Membership - Account ID|Timebank ID|Hours|Timebank-Specific Profile Table: Timebank - ID|Name|Mission Table: Exchanges - ID|Membership ID|Date|Description|Hours I realize this is non-trivial, but I strongly suspect that this is a problem which will become more prominent over time. I've got experience building webapps using PHP and MySQL, so I'd be willing to help hash this out.