Rating by abaier of SERVICE CATEGORIES Add/Delete feature


One upgrade I was hoping to see in a 2.0 Community Weaver is to make the entire Service Categories Area flexible so that it could be changed to fit a particular Timebank's focus and needs.  A Timebank creator/coordinator should be able to DELETE particular service categories/subcategories that are not applicable to the TB, and should be able to ADD NEW SERVICE CATEGORIES, and subcategories, to fit the particular needs of a TB community.  THIS WOULD BE A PARTICULARLY VALUABLE FEATURE FOR ORGANIZATIONAL TBs, since the inability to delete existing categories means there is often a lot of unnecessary clutter for posting offers and seeking out services in areas not relevant to a particular TB.


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Maybe instead of deleting

Maybe instead of deleting service categories, they could hide them. That way it's easy to reintroduce them in the future.