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Category selection should be automatic when logging hours

When I tried to log hours for giving Manihsa a "Ride to Boulder on Thursdays," the "transportation" category wasn't already filled in. Of course, I could fill it in myself but it seems like it should be automatic since the Recipient, Provider and Description are already filled in automatically.


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One of the features that was

One of the features that was frequently requested was to allow ads to be added to more than one category. This allowed for ads to be more easily found through browsing of categories and/or through search. From what Art explained, this prevents it from being an easy fix on the Record a Transaction form.

One of the main reasons why we have category on that form in CW1.0 was to log hours for exchanges that did not have an ad. This helped to report on active categories or categories which had most exchanges etc.

Question for Art: We do not need to record Categories if an Ad is specified, as it can be derived from the Ad ID. Can categories be hidden when an ad is specified and force selection when an ad is not?

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Cost is TBD

Art needs to know if  it's worthwhile to  do custom java and auto category population when there is ONE category.