Rating by abaier of Content and category managers,

Content and category managers,


Content and category managers, to permit you easily
to upload text and pictures to any element of your
site, from the homepage to the articles features—and
to patrol and edit the user-generated content so that
when someone uploads something vastly
inappropriate you can take it down. (You may wish
to approve posts before they become public so that
you can weed out as much of the vandalism, adultthemed
content, and other inappropriate material as
possible before it goes out for all the world to see.
This tarnishes the spontaneity of the experience,
however, and whether to proactively edit visitor
posts represents a judgment call that each group will
need to make for itself.)


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Adult themed wording

I did have one incident where the language went from the gutter to the sewer, but I was unaware untill one member brought it to my attention. I immediately shut down that account. But the damage was done, feelings were hurt.