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Data Re-Configure offers and receives


Set up Community Weaver data so advertisements can be collected on a timely bases
in the following manner. Gather incoming adds weekly, into a queue, that filters the add
to produce a list of adds which now with minor edit changes could be sent to members.

Outcome would be something like the following:

Lissa says:
I've lived in my current residence for just over a year, and I've graphed out
a future garden design that I'd like to put into place over the next few years.

Allyson says:
We need a regular babysitting on Wednesday mornings from 8:30 to 12:30.
We would like to pay partially in time trade and partially in money--details to be worked out.

Lauri says:
We have a couple of tricky trees to take down.
Please give me a call at 348-7152



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This would be so helpful.  I

This would be so helpful.  I currently do this by hand to send out a monthly digest of new ads from my email account.  It is critical because members rarely log in to community weaver just to review new ads.