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Orientation Mode of Community Weaver


At orientation, showing new members how to use Community Weaver is an important part, but I struggle with not-yet-members being able to see pictures and names of actual members.  In our timebank, we require background checks/ref checks and so those checks have not yet been completed by the time a not-yet-member comes to an orientation.  I'd like an "Orientation Mode" of Community Weaver that shows all the offers & requests for your timebank as that is what the new folks are really excited about seeing, shows the number of members and what towns they are in...bascially shows all the same stuff except personal informaiton on members, but would show full information for coordinators so they can see what a profile looks like all filled in with picture.

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CW orientation mode

I think this can easily be done in a ppt or short video so people are not seeing actual data and this is something maybe each timebank  can ask their local college media departments to take on as a project.