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Social Networking


Suggest that Social Networking link options be part of members profile to allow information exchanges occur via FB, tweets, etc.



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I have been thinking that being able to post new service ads to facebook with a single click would boost activity in our timebank.   Many of our members use facebook regularly but apparantly never log on to community weaver to check for new service ads.  I suspect this is true for many other timebanks.  Linking service ads to a site that people already log onto daily (facebook) would be an easy way to keep members connected and increase activity.

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TO CLARIFY!  This feature could range from $380- $7,600 depending on the complexity or functionality of the feature.

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Too Complex to vote

Perhaps this feature or topic should be put on HOLD.  My intention was to focus on networking to Facebook. It seems that half the world is on Facebook, where people do pull up their pages very often, almost daily. My interest is how to make it possible to market Time Banking in to that audience. It should not be so expensive, perhaps I didn't phrase the issue as clear as I mean, In any case, this may be far too complex to have a simple vote.

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huge need

This is one of the biggest suggestions I have for CW.  We must be out front (or at least in the mix and not in the back of the pack) in finding a way for people to communicate w/others.  Most members don't use CW but do use FB.  We need to find a way to have members' posts appear in or link to FB.   Our future depends on our being able to allow people to use TB w/their phones, too.  More people have  phones than have computers. 

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Using Facebook as an additional tool for posting ads is a great idea but would the coordinator know that the ads were posted?   If there is a Time Bank Facebook community group this would work. Kim is right more people invest in phones than computers but then we still need CW for those who don't.