Rating by chloe of Email Notifications of Timebank Activity

Email Notifications of Timebank Activity


This feature is critical for our own timebank, as our online users use email frequently and do not always remember to log into the timebank to check for new activity.

Timebank users should be allowed to subscribe to activities on the Timebank (e.g., New Request, New Offer, new member, new event, etc.) and have the choice as to how they want to receive this update (e.g., individual email, digest email).

Our technical people will be creating this feature if it is not done during this CW2.0 implementation.



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I would add that this could

I would add that this could help to improve participation levels in the TimeBank. If people are subscribed to a feed, they can respond to a request or offer right away, or it might prompt them to think of something new. Automating it would save coordinators quite a lot of work - this way, they would no longer HAVE to create a weekly newsletter of offers and requests (if they are doing that).

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Email notifications

I like this feature because it simply keeps members in the information loop, I see this feature with an OFF and ON switch for either members or the coordinator turn it on of off.