What's new in Community Weaver 2.0 (for members)

Welcome to Community Weaver 2.0!  On October 25, 2011 the Community Weaver users moved from version 1.0 to verison 2.0. 

There are some new features we are excited to introduce you to in Community Weaver 2.0.  The most exciting thing about Community Weaver that makes it fundamentally different from Community Weaver 1.0 is that it is open source.  It is built on the open source platform drupal and combines modules created by many others, plus a few more created by TimeBanks USA, and all of that source code is available for anyone to see and use.  

Another benefit of being open source and the design of Community Weaver 2.0 is that, unlike Community Weaver 1.0, each TimeBank is now its own site with its own domain and database.  This means that you can make small or quite extensive changes to your own site without affecting others.  

It took more than a year of work and significant investment of time and money by many people to create this tool for you.  We hope you'll enjoy:

A Few New Features

  1. You can sign up for multiple different TimeBank with the same email address (you can still only have one email address registered with any given TimeBank).
  2. Expiration Dates - All service ads (offers and requests) are automatically set to expire in 3 months from the day they are created in Community Weaver 2.0.  You can change the expiration date of an ad at any time. 
  3. Locations - User's locations are displayed on a Google Map on the user's profile in Community Weaver 2.0.
  4. You may be accustomed to finding members through the Community Weaver 1.0 Member Directory or Member Search.  You can still find members by any of the search criteria you used in Community Weaver 1.0 in Community Weaver 2.0, but you may need to accustom yourself with how to perform these searches in Community Weaver 2.0.  The Member Roster in Community Weaver 2.0 automatically sorts by most recent members, not an "A-Z" directory.  You can still quickly find any member by their name, username, or email address.  Learn how to find members.

Feel free to browse the rest of the Online Help Guide or watch a short video introducing you to Community Weaver 2.0.

After Your Site Launches

  1. You'll need to update your birthday on your user profile.  These were not imported from Community Weaver 1.0 (sorry, long story...).
  2. Let us know your ideas for improving Community Weaver in future releases.