What is the TimeBank Yellow Pages?

The TimeBank Yellow Pages is a new feature that lists all members who have skills or capabilities in the Community Weaver categories. It is not a directory of actual offers. It is a directory showing members who have the capacity, skill, ability or desire to provide a service in category in which they have listed themselves. Members in need of a service can look up a category and can see the list of members who are willing to be contacted about providing a service in that category.

For example, you may be looking for a person to drive you to an appointment. Now you can choose the the Yellow Pages category “Transportation” and will quickly see a list of all members who have offered transportation services. Or you may be looking for someone to help install a shelf. Look in the Yellow Pages category “Carpentry / Construction” for all members who have any sort of carpentry skills. Of course, you can still look through individual offers if you are looking for a more specific skills or services that a member has posted.

You can access the Yellow Pages by going to View TimeBank Yellow Pages which is a new sub-tab under the Give & Receive tab. The display will show every member who has chosen a category, listed by category. In addition to this online view, you can also print the entire the Yellow Pages directory for use offline.

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