See Your Exchange History and Balance of Hours

You can see your balance of hours and all of the exchanges you have recorded with other members of your TimeBank from two different places in Community Weaver:

  1. First, find your TimeBank and log in, then you can either:
  2. Either:
    Option (1) - Hover over My Account in the menu and click on My Hours.
    Option (2) - Click on the My Account tab in the menu and scroll to the bottom of your user profile.
  3. Your Account Balance shows your net total from hours you have earned and spent.  Each row represents a different transaction, and the title of that transaction is under Service Performed.  Hours Spent are in red in the column furthest to the right and hours Earned are in the column to the left.
  4. You may click on any of the Service Performed titles to see the exchange certificate, which includes the date, exchange participants, and a certificate number.
  5. You can click on CSV in the bottom left-hand corner to download a spreadsheet of your exchange history.
Note: Coordinators of your TimeBank can see your exchange history and account balance, but other members cannot.  Be sure you know what information other members can and can't see about you.