Recent Yellow Pages Listings

On your TimeBank's home page you will see a box (on the lower left side of the home page) which reports activity in the Yellow Pages. It will show the 10 most recent categories of the Yellow Pages that had members added (updated) to that category. It will also show the number of updates done on that day. An updated listing for a category happens when a member adds a check-mark to a new category in their own Yellow Pages Listing or when an offer edited by a member ads a new category for that member to their Yellow Pages Listing. It does not show the number of offers for the categories. It will also show how long ago those 10 most recently updated categories were changed. (for example: Today, Yesterday, x days ago, etc.).

If you click on one of the categories listed, you will be taken to that category in the Yellow Pages and can see all members who have chosen that category.