Privacy and Data Visibility

Privacy and Data Visibility in Community Weaver 2.x

  • Only members can see the content in Community Weaver, This includes offers and requests, announcements, events abd lists of other members.
  • All members can see each other's offers and requests, but they cannot see each other's exchanges or balance of hours.
  • All members can see a lists of other members and some information from each member's profile.
  • Member's physical  address is not visible to other members.
  • Members have an option to make their email address and/or telephone number visible or hidden to the other TimeBank members.
  • Members can see the county, neighborhood or affiliations of other members.
  • Members can contact each other by sending a message through Community Weaver.
  • Coordinators of all levels have the ability to see all members' profile information, including phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, offers and requests, exchanges, birthdays, and other profile information.
  • Coordinators of any level cannot see any member's password ever, but they can reset them for them.
  • Coordinators and Primary Coordinators can view the history of member's messages sent to each other through the site.
  • Coordinators of all levels can write Coordinator Notes about a member, which members cannot see, whether about themselves or others.  Coordinators can see Coordinator Notes created by other Coordinators.

-- based on a contribution from Samir, WRTE Coordinator (