Editing the Categories for Offers and Requests

WARNING NOTE: Using categories that are different from other Community Weaver sites will increase the difficulty of developing the sharing of service ads and exchanges across different TimeBanks.

The primary coordinator can edit categories for service ads (offers and requests) as seen on the Give & Receive

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Go to the section Customize Your Timebank
  3. Click on Manage Offers and Requests Categories

Here you can change the order of the list of categories. You can assign a sub-category to another top-level category. Although it is not recommended, you can also assign a category as a additional sub-category creating a 'tree' with many levels. Using the 'edit' button, you can edit the name and description of each category.

You can add new categories to your list for offers and requests as seen on the Give & Receive page.


WARNING: If you delete categories in which ads are already placed, your timebank will loose access to those service ads.

Known bug and work-around:

  • If you add new categories they will not automatically be used by the Yellow Pages.
  • If you add new categories and want them to be used by the Yellow Pages, please ask Community Weaver support to connect them to Yellow Pages.   Request Community Weaver Support  Until this bug is fixed, this will have to be done every time you add new categories.