Coordinator Permission Levels Explained

Each TimeBank can have as many Primary Coordinators, Coordinators, and Assistant Coordinators as they like. Those roles can be given to multiple members of the timebank. (Which means that the term "Primary" Coordinator is probably a misnomer.)

NOTE: A coordinator can only assign the role he/she has, or also a "lower" role. 

IMPORTANT: Be sure that at least one person always has the role of Primary Coordinator. If you are the only Primary Coordinator in your CW, and you want to leave that role, then you must FIRST assign another person to the role of Primry Coordinator BEFORE you remove that role from your account.

In other words, if only one person has the role of Primary Coordinator and he/she either deletes that role of that account is deleted, then the TImebank will have no Primary Coordinator and no other coordiantor will be able to grant that role.


Each can do different things, according to this list:

TB Assistant Coordinators
Assistant Coordinators are able to see more information about users in order to help facilitate exchanges for them.  Assistant Coordinators can:
  • See all other user's private contact information (phone number, address, and email address) 
  • See all other user's exchanges and account balance
  • Post service ads for other people
  • Record exchanges for other people
  • See and Edit Coordinator-Only Options (including seeing and editing Coordinator Notes, activating or deactivating Guardian Angel Mode, and Setting Broadcast Email Subscription Options)

However, Assistant Coordinators cannot:

  • See the Control Panel
  • Edit user profiles
  • See messages between users
TB Coordinators
Coordinators can do everything an Assistant Coordinator can do, and they can also:

However, Coordinators cannot edit some things about the layout and content of the site, such as the theme, quicklinks, neighborhoods, counties, and affiliations.

TB Primary Coordinator
Primary Coordinators can do everything a Coordinator can do, but also can: