Coordinator Manual - CW version 2

As a new Coordinator, you’ve just taken a big step toward helping your community become stronger, more self-reliant and closely-knit. 

This is the coordinator's manual for the standard Community Weaver version 2.3

If this is your first time to this Guide, we recommend you watch a short video introducing you to Community Weaver 2  Afterwards, if you want step-by-step instructions for using any of the sites features, this Guide then walks you through everything you need to know.  

In reading through this manual, you’ll become familiar with activating and deactivating members, editing member’s profiles, ads and transactions as necessary to ensure productive experiences, and running a variety of reports to quantify the activity in your TimeBank. All the functions described in this manual are performed by a Coordinator, and are not available to regular members.  See the Member Help Guide for step-by-step instructions geared towards the sites main functions.

If you ever have questions or ideas for improving Community Weaver, we hope you'll visit our uservoice forum and let us know.

Did you know that you can also make more significant modifications to your TimeBank through several advanced development and customization options?

If you need further assistance, please come to our Support Scction.  If you are comfortable with technology and helping others, we also invite you to join our volunteer TimeBanks Technical Support Team to help other TimeBank Coordinators with their questions and special needs.
Enjoy your experience with Community Weaver, and best of luck to you in your endeavor!
We are looking for your suggestions to improve this manual. Please submit your contributions at CW Coordinator Manual Forum.  Please note that you will need to login to this Actio Hub to add comments.