Blocking (Deactivating) Members

Coordinators and Primary Coordinators can block (deactive) members.  Blocked members cannot sign in and they will not appear on member lists.  It is recommended that you do not delete that members with recorded exchanges. It is better to block them.

  1. Search and find any member and go to their profile.
  2. Click on Edit User Account on the left-hand column of their profile.
  3. Change status from "Active" to "Blocked."
  • If the member was already blocked, you'll get a message saying that they can't be unblocked again--that's OK.  Note that the totals of service ads by category will not automatically be reduced when the ads are unpublished.
  • Members can be deleted, but this is not recommended because their past exchanges, which involved other users, will be reassigned to Anonymous.  Block them instead.
  • IMPORTANT: The content (offers, requests, messages, comments, etc) of blocked member will still be visible. To prevent blocked member's content from being visible, it needs to be unpublished.

To unpublish all content of a blocked user go to: Un-Publish Blocked Member's Service Ads