Add a new tab

The coordinator can add additional tabs to Community Weaver.  These appear to the right of the tabs for Home, Give & Receive, and My Account. 

A.  Create the web page.

  1. From the control panel, add a new web page.  See Add and Edit Pages
  2. Fill in the fields for Title and Body then click the SAVE button.  This returns you to the page where you view the web page you created. 
  3. Copy the web page's URL from the web browser's URL bar to the clipboard.  It will be something like <yourtimebankname><new-page>.

B.  Create the tab.

  1. To go to the page that enables you to add, delete, and change tabs, enter the following into the URL bar of your web browser: <yourtimebankname> (where <yourtimebankname> is the short name of your time bank.  Press enter. 
  2. Click on ADD ITEM.
  3. Paste the web page's URL into the Path field, fill in the fields for Menu link title and Description then click the button for SAVE.
  4. Your new tab will appear.  When you click on it your new web page will be displayed.


Expand "Menu Settings" to access "Parent Item".  This is where you link the new tab to other tabs, setting it to "primary links" places your new tab on the main row of tabs.  Selecting an existing tab name places it under
that tab.  Weight moves the new tab in the order you want, higher values move right or down, lower values move left or up.  Before adding content, expand "Input Format" and select "Full HTML".