Frequently Asked Questions - Site Admin

Advanced customization issues for Site-Admins.

Site Admin

Go to the application form at: Site Administrator Application Form

Access to the CW2 Timebanks server via FTP only permits certain access.  Specifically, as a Site Admin, you will not have access to Drupal core or any of the contributed or custom modules shared across all the timebanks sites.  This is a Drupal multisite environment so each site has it's own directories.  When you login, you will see only three symlinks, to /files, /modules and /themes.  These links take you into directories just for your timebank.   

  • /files - contains files used only by your site.  Mostly this is for user pictures and images uploaded to the site.
  • /modules - starts out empty.  If you want to add any contributed or custom modules only usable by your site, this is where they go.
  • /themes - starts out empty.  if you want to add your own theme(s) and/or css files, this is where they go.
These symlinks should suffice for most Drupal development you'll do on your site.  However if there's a library you want to install that must go into a /library directory, please contact and we can accommodate you.
Note: Not all site admin access or changes to your Drupal site will require FTP access. If you don't know what you're doing once you login via FTP, consider asking yourself if you really need ftp access.  Another note, some ftp clients cannot navigate symlinks.  If you see nothing in any of the directories when you first login, please try another ftp client.

This is a multi-site environment. Writing bad PHP is the main way to cause harm to other sites on the Timebanks server. Please be selective about any PHP added and have EXTRA caution when doing so.  See the Site-Admin Privileged Access Agreement for more details.

As a Community Weaver site administrator you can make many changes in your local site’s settings and defaults. Please note that Timebanks USA support team does not have the resources to  support Community Weaver sites that have been customized by a site-administrator, especially if it is about the results of such customizations.

  • Browse this Site-Admin FAQ.
  • You can ask other site-admins for help.
  • You can ask GeekGene for help (for a fee).

When building views, build them as new views.  Don't add another display to an existing view. Create new or clone and rename existing views.  If you don't do this and we ever need to fix or change the included views down the road this will wipe out any changes you've made.

Changing a Field to Required or Optional

This is useful if your time bank has specific requirements.  For example, some countries do not have states or provinces.  Its setting is in /admin/user/settings at the bottom of the page below the save button in Collection settings.  Change the Collect drop down box for State/Province to either Do Not Collect or Allow.

Jim Tate’s customization document for CW site-admins contains topics:

  • Replace the calendar Icon
  • Rename User Login to Member Login
  • Add Who’s Online Widget to Home Page
  • Change No Events Listed message
  • Make Calendar and Events visible to the public
  • Allow Members to create and edit event

and can be found at:

Navigate to admin: /admin/content/node-type/alert/fields/field_expiration_date and change the Years back and forward field

from 0:1

to  -0:+1   Go to the user profile template in the content section and you'll see the expired ads block.
Click on the little gear for that block.  Under visibility rules click settings.  It would probably be more useful to change it from All criteria must pass to Only one criterion must pass.  Thus members can see their own ads and coordinators, can see everyone's ads.

The site administrator can do the following:  Go to Home » User management » Permissions, walk down the list several pages to the "Privatemsg Module" section. Uncheck the roles for "read all private messages". Save your permission changes.  (Thanks to Jim Tate.)

It means the web server didn't know how to deal with some of the data submitted.  We've found for CW2.0 this tends to happen when a user has multiple browser tabs or windows open to the site.  Some of the partially submitted data gets sent along when save or submit is clicked in the other tab/window.  In every case we've seen, simply trying again works.  You can make the message more friendly if you like by following the steps below.

Go to /admin/user/permissions ( or using the menu bar click User management, then Permissions

Scroll down to Stringoverrides module and click the box for TBUSA site admin for the row administer string overrides.

If you aren't very familiar with Drupal don't check or uncheck any other boxes on this page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE PERMISSIONS

Now go to /admin/settings/stringoverrides, or using the admin bar, Site Configuration, then String Overrides.

In an empty field in the left column copy and paste the following text exactly: An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.

In the corresponding box to the right, enter your replacement message.  We suggest: Oops, an error has occurred.  This may have been caused because you have another browser window/tab open.  Try again.


Community Weaver 2.0 uses the Acquia Marina theme.  To override the theme, a site administrator can download their  own copy and modify the attached files.  local.css replaces the included one in the theme's css directory.  mc_3rdparty_formspecial.tpl.php (you'll need to edit the filename to match once downloaded) goes in the root directory of the theme. Download links for these files appear for logged in users of sufficient permission. These files were current as of 03-08-12 but going forward will not necessarily match the ones under revision control.

Removing the Site-Admin Role Privilege


Community Weaver 2 protects against accidental and unauthorized changes to members who have been granted certain roles.  As members move out of roles or transfer to another TimeBank, or Drupal developers rotate in and out of your TimeBank, you may need to remove their Admin role.  You may also wish to change passwords for Admin accounts used by non-member Drupal developers.  These instructions allow you to make these kinds of changes.


Procedure Steps:


  1. Navigate to the Admin Menu Bar, select User Management - Permissions
  2. Scroll down to the User Protect Module section – make sure Administer User Protect is enabled for your SA role, save any permission changes
  3. Navigate back to the Admin Menu Bar, select User Management – User protect – Protected Roles
  4. Uncheck the Roles and/or Password check box for TBUSA Site admin and click Save Configuration
  5. From the Control Panel select Edit Roles/Permissions of Multiple Users
  6. Find the member who’s Site Admin role you wish to remove, put a check in the account selection box
  7. Use the pull down Update Options function, scroll to the Remove a Role section and click the role you wish to remove
  8. Click Update
  9. If changing an account Password, click the Edit button to the right of account name under the Operations column.  This takes you directly to account maintenance
  10. Type a new password in both fields, be sure to write it down someplace where you can easily retrieve it when you need it again 
  11. Scroll to the bottom and click Save
  12. Have the member/account login and make sure everything works as expected
  13. Now you will need to put the protection back, so repeat steps 3 and 4 to re-enable protections