Frequently Asked Questions - General

General issues about Community Weaver 2.0


On any Community Weaver page, click on  "Help"


All help guides are at

If you are a member of a Community Weaver Timebank and have lost your password:

  1. Go to your Timebank's home page.
  2. In the box "User login" click on the link "Request new password"
  3. Enter your email address for the account.
  4. You will be sent an email with a one-time login so that you can log in and change your password.


If you do not see the email from Community Weaver please check your spam folder.

This only works if you are already a member of that Timebank.

How to REPORT a problem with Community Weaver?

If technical support is not able to view your screen when the error happens, then you need to provide them with the details that enables them to know what you were doing where and what happened that you did not expect.  Obviously. "CW doesn't work." is not enough information. Neither is "I could not do XYZ."

To be of help we need to know:

  1. Where, within Community Weaver, were you when the error happened? What page were you viewing?
    • Provide us with the URL of the page you were viewing before the error occured (while everything was still OK).
  2. What did you do just before the error happened? What triggered the error?
    • Did you enter data in a field?  Which data? In which field?
    • Did you click on a button or link?  Which one?
    • Or was it anoher action or activity that triggered the error?
  3. What was the error observed?
    • If there was an error message, include a copy of the error message (usually inside a red box).
    • If there was no error message from the program, describe what you observed and how it was different from what you expected to happen.
  4. Where did you end up after the error?
    • What is the URL of the page you saw after the error appeared? This may often be the same URL as in item 1, but it might also be a different one.
  5. Other information:
    • Is there any other unusual activity that you noticed?
    • Can the error be repeated?
  6. Please do not forget to give us:
    • the name of your Timebank (the URL).
    • the Community Weaverr role (Member, Asst Coordinator, Coordinator or Primary Coordinator) of the account that you were using when the erroe happened.

Providing thorough information about the issue will enable us to better understand your situation and will also enable us to give you a quicker answer.

To protect your security, please do not post your password or other private information in the support tickets and emails.


The short answer is: Because it is not one software.

The long answer:

The Community Weaver verson 2 that we use is built upon Drupal, an open source software, which is a collection of many hundreds of individual software packages (called a modules), each maintained by different people. Community Weaver uses over 150 Drupal modules. Two of those modules have been written by GeekGene. Additionally each CW Timebank site has its own database in which not only the Timebank members' profile, service ads and exchanges are stored, BUT it is also where all the settings for that timebank are stored.

  • If the desired change requires a change in one of the Drupal modules, then we have to contact the maintainer of that Drupal module to request the change.
  • If the desired change is in one of the 2 modules written by GeekGene specifically for Community Weaver, then we ask GeegGene to make the change.
  • If the desired change is actually some settings stored in the Community Weaver database, then the database entry for each of the several hundreds of Community Weaver Timebanks needs to be changed. These changes can be made by GeekGene but need to be rolled out to all of the individual CommunityWeaver databases.

The use of open source Drupal allows for many individual changes to Timebanks, but also complicates the revisions and updates for all.


A full backup of Community Weaver files is done on a weekly basis with incremental backups done on a nightly basis.  The incremental backup saves CW database content every night.  These files are kept for three weeks. The weekly backup is also duplicated at a second physical location.

Use our collaborative site, the Timebanks Action Hub.  If you do not have an account there, create an Action Hub Account. If you already have an account in the Action Hub, login to that account.

Then go to Submit a Community Weaver Issue to submit a support request about Community Weaver.

For general or Action Hub issues go to other support requests.