Date stamp for join date, last log-in

Very Wanted

Members get frustrated when they try to contact people no longer active. Last log-in is a good indication of how much/whether they use the timebank. I think the need outweighs any privacy issues, and that it's really common for networking sites to show when people are online. This is less intrusive since it's just the date.

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We already have the join date in the Member Roster, it would be quite easy to add last login date.  However, the last login date is on the Member Activity report which is one click from the Member Roster.

There is also already a block that I can activate and put on the home page which shows currently logged in users.


I added last login date and join date to the personal profile pages, as well as to the Member Roster


Outstanding Questions: 

We need to know what else is needed since Join date is already on the Roster and Last Login is already on the Activity tab.