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  • communicate with others about TimeBanking or the online Community Weaver software,
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  • submit an application for a new instance of Community Weaver, our online TimeBank software.

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If you do not yet actually operate a TimeBank you can skip this form below.

If you are already operating a TimeBank, please fill out all the fields marked with a red asterisk (required fields). Please note that there are two Yes/No questions that you are required to answer before submitting the form. We use the form to confirm that you are actually using Community Weaver as a coordinator or that you are a coordinator of another TimeBank.

  • If you are a already a TimeBank coordinator (any software), you will be given the permissions to access all areas of this collaborative web site useful for all TimeBank coordinators.  
  • If you are already a Community Weaver coordinator, you will be given the permissions to access all areas of this site that are for coordinators using the Community Weaver software.

If your status changes, and you want to request different permissions, please let us know by filling out this form again.

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