Yellow Pages - Some Comments and Questions for SA's

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CW Yellow Pages sounds like a great new function for many CW2 TB’s.  CW1 had a similar, but less sophisticated version that could be enabled under the old “manage core and custom attributes” menu.  My TB (and a few others) retained these CW1 functions during the CW1 to CW2 data conversion in 2011 and the info is already a part of our member profiles. 


Upon reading the YP documentation it says existing offers will automatically be listed in the YP at startup.  Then the members would have to manually remove them after their offer expires, unless they wish to retain the record in their YP listing.  We have members who make one-time offers and it would be extra work to have to remove them from their YP lists, if they remember to do so.   The YP seems to be an extension of member profiles and, as such, should probably not be updated by the system based on live offers; I think YP updates should only be made by the member. 


I suggest the new YP function should be an optional feature that each TB chooses to use or not, but it sounds like only SA’s will be given that choice. 


My TB would like to learn more about this new feature.  Since we have improved many aspects of our CW TB with customizations, we have some SA related technical questions (answers to these questions may spawn other questions):


1.         Are there MySQL database changes involved?  If so, will they append to, or replace, the existing database structure?

2.        Will member profiles (“personal profile” content type) be modified or replaced to include Yellow Pages preferences? 

3.        Will “User Settings” (under the Admin menu) be affected? 

4.        Any changes to “Permissions” or “Roles”?

5.        Will each TB’s taxonomy (services hierarchy) be updated with the vanilla CW version?

6.        Will the front panel layout, its panes, and related “Views”, be overwritten with the new CW defaults?  If not, will the new pane/block be appended to the existing TB’s custom welcome page?

7.        Will the Give and Receive menu and related links be replaced or appended to?

8.        Will a new Yellow Page link/view on the My Account page change the panel layout or its panes?

9.        What “Views” will be overwritten, if any, and will cloned views be affected?

10.     Is there a new site-specific Cron job that monitors “offers” and updates them to YP listings?  If so, can the YP code be disabled?

11.      Is the Yellow Page feature dependant on other features being enabled in order for it to work?

12.     Are there other changes/implications we should be aware of before enabling Yellow Pages, including future plans for expanding its functions?


I think it would be extra helpful if we had a sandbox for SA’s so that we could look behind the scenes in advance of enabling this on our websites.  Some of us might find it easier to enable the various new panes and views ourselves, rather than fix overwritten improvements we worked hard to create.  An SA sandbox would give us a working template so we wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel to get Yellow Pages working for us, maybe in a somewhat customized way. 


Thank you for any help and advice!


Jim Tate