URGENT - migrate to the new Community Weaver by April 12

in Letters to Coordinators

March 21, 2016

To the coordinators of  timebanks (using CW2 and NOT yet migrated to CW3)


Dear Timebank Coordinator,

Your timebank, is currently using Community Weaver version 2 (CW2).  Since April 2015 a new and updated Community Weaver version 3 (CW3), has been available for your timebank.  What? That's almost a year ago. Yes, I know that time flies for all of us. Perhaps you have not noticed that you still have not yet completed your timebank migration from CW2 to CW3. 

Community Weaver was built on software tools that are no longer being supported. We will no longer receive security updates for those tools. To maintain secure servers for your sites, we do have to stop using CW2.  In three weeks, on April 12, we will be closing out all Community Weaver 2 sites.

Today's urgent news is ---

--- to continue using Community Weaver, the online timebanking software, it is necessary for you to move your timebank over to the new software very, very soon, before April 12.  Sorry, but it won't wait another year!

Please note that all of the data in your CW 2 site (members, offers, requests, messages, web site pages, announcements, events, alerts and links) will be automatically migrated to your new site. Most of it will be un-published (invisible) until you review it and put it back online.

Is the migration automatic?

  • When you click the final migration button for your site, most of the migration will be done automatically. But before your new site goes online, you, as the coordinator, will need to review it, make a few manual changes to the configuration and check all the links to be sure that they do not point to your old CW2 site.

And where do I do that?

  • We have created a "sandbox" (test) site with your timebank's data. You can use this site at  https://Imaginary-3.timebanks.orgnot to see how your new site looks and to prepare for your migration. Please note, this is not a live site.

So how do I do it?  I need some help. 

Oh, oh, oh. I have questions and questions. Where can I get more help?

  • If you need any help with your migration from CW2 to CW3, please let me know. I am available to support you.
  • Join the CW3 Facebook page to ask other coordinators for their support.
  • And then there is the online CW3 information with sections for both coordinators and members. It is always available online.

Let me know your plans.

Have a great day,


Technical Coordinator for TBUSA


p.s. Wait, one more thing... how will my timebank members deal with this change?

  • Good news! CW2 timebanks that have already migrated have reported that members have very quickly understood how to use the new software without any training.
  • We also have a CW3 Member Navigation Guide which you can download and share. It is even in color.

p.p.s  If you want to see any of the past letters from the Technical Coordinator about CW3, you can find them online too.