Questions about Drupal admin privileges

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I am currently a coordinator at Timebank Mahoning Watershed with administrative access to Drupal settings. Any help with the following will be greatly appreciated. 

Recently I noticed a thread about themes and the suggestions mention  uploading via FTP.  Since FTP was mentioned in relation to themes, it must be something that coordinators with admin access are able to do but it cannot be accomplished without the secret FTP handshake. We are not interested in changing a theme.  We  hesitate to  proceed with a change that we want to implement without backing up the database, again a secret handshake is necessary as well as the MySQL database address.  This information  could be determined if we had FTP access by looking at the settings file.  

Our goal is to enable a module in the module list.  This particular module has no dependencies on missing modules. In fact it is surprising that the module is not enabled since it is usually enabled by default in a standard Drupal installation.  It is the profile module.

All of my rambling aside here are my questions:

  1. Can admins  enable a disabled module that is available in the list of modules and is not dependent on missing modules? It seems we have access to do this in Drupal, however enabling a module will affect the database and that leads me to ask...
  2. Can admins back up the database and the core  files in our folder  prior to enabling the module?   We don't  seem to have  FTP or MySQL  usernames,  passwords nor a  MySQL server address.  Perhaps there is a "database backup" module installed? I don't see it in the list.
  3. Can admins run update.php after enabling a module in order to update the database to reflect the module's status?

IMHO back up is a must when making changes in Drupal which is very needy and fickle. Simple module updates can crash a site. I realize that security protocols are important and it isn't good to give out log in information to just anyone. However wielding  our limited superpowers could  possibly cause the site to crash and we choose to tread very carefully.  Again, this is my humble opinion.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Looking forward to input and advice.

Maxina Gohlke