Plan to Migrate from CW2 to CW3

in Letters to Coordinators

TimeBanks USA

September 22, 2015


Dear Community Weaver Coordinator,


We see that you are a coordinator of a Community Weaver (version 2) TimeBank site.

Your Community Weaver 3 site is ready and waiting. CW3 is easy for your members to use and is smart-phone friendly.


We Want to Help You Move! 


We know that making a software upgrade can be scary. But many TimeBanks have made the move in the six months since Community Weaver 3 was made available in April of this year—and TimeBankers who have made the move are loving the upgrade!


Making the switch to Community Weaver 3 is easy.  Hear from Stacey Jacobsohn at Time Initiative of Maine and Lindsay Welch at Cape Ann Timebank about their experiences preparing the TimeBank and TimeBankers for the switch.

And you should also know that now is a good time to switch because the software platform upon which CW2 was built, Drupal 6, is being phased out and soon will no longer be supported by the Drupal community.


Making the Move – How Ready Are You?


Yes, we really do want to help! Please click here to let us know which of the following stages you are in so that we can guide you:


1.     Yes, we’re using our CW3 sandbox site. We are learning how it works and planning to migrate soon.

2.     We are not yet using our CW3 sandbox site and have questions.

3.     We are not using our CW2 site and do not plan to move to CW3.


Where’s Your Community Weaver 3 “Sandbox”?


All CW2 TimeBanks have a CW3 “sandbox”. Your own CW3 sandbox is ready and waiting for you to visit. If your CW2 site is for example, you can access your sandbox at

The sandbox version of your CW3 TimeBank uses a copy of your existing data on CW2. Use it to get comfortable with CW3 then move when you’re ready.  (You will learn how easy and flexible CW3 is.)


Making the Switch


For a successful move, follow the helpful migration guidelines.

For technical support, send questions to the TBUSA support team . When you write, please make sure that you let us know the web address (URL) of your TimeBank site.


Finally: Join the Community Weaver 3 User Group


Finally, you can also join the CW3 User Group on Facebook even before you make the switch.  It’s a really good place to get answers to questions, offer suggestions, and learn the different ways Coordinators use CW3.  Your questions and participation are welcomed and encouraged!  The CW Advisory Team, Tech Support Team, and our software developer hear directly from CW3 Coordinators and are using the feedback to make Community Weaver better.


We thought you would be interested to see comments from Todd Fuqua, Coordinator @ TimeBank Indianapolis that he recently shard on the Facebook group.


We are looking forward to seeing you on Community Weaver 3 and on the Facebook Group!



TimeBanks USA Team