Picture Carousel Problem

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I'm stumped trying to put our TimeBank event pictures into a picture carousel on our welcome page.

I found that Rotor Banner allows for multiple images and/or ad text to be displayed one at a time in a single window (block) and you can apply different transition effects and timings to the rotating displays. I downloaded and installed the Drupal Rotor Banner module (6.x-2.8) and its dependent modules.

I have the rotor block placed where I would like it on our welcome page at “content bottom”. The module comes with default settings that do not display pictures properly. Views can be used to tweak those settings and I have tried that numerous times. I'm having problems with Views saving my configuration changes for the rotor content type. Views works normally on other content types, so I suspect there is some problem with Rotor Banner.

When I go in and change the rotor style settings using the ajax icon, do the update, then change the image cache to medium, saving all the updates as I go, the changes revert to standard rotor banner defaults, which trash the display of my pictures. I’ve tried making one change at a time and doing all the saves incrementally, but the changes still won’t save. I even logged in as user 1, made the changes, and the changes would not save under user1 either.

I have followed instructions from the developer http://www.kirkdesigns.co.uk/docs/drupal-rotor-banner-module which says I should be able to save my changes.

Can someone please provide some advice on how I might solve my problem? Any and all suggestions would be welcome!

Thank you very much,

Jim Tate
Site Admin
Our Time Bank

PS - I left the block enabled at www.ourtimebank.com for review and ease of troubleshooting, but it will confuse our members until I can get it working and restructure our welcome page accordingly.