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Decorah, Iowa
United States

I am the primary Coordinator for People's Time Exchange (NE Iowa area) and joined the network in February 2012, and the site was delivered to me March 2. I have not been given Site Admin status/have not received any response to my application. I have a few questions about the software that I would like to have answered before the site is opened up for general membership.

We are using CW2.0. I have not changed the theme from Acquia Marina at any time.

  1. I've made numerous attempts to change the logo on our site. I log in as the Primary Coordinator and click Change Logo and Layout Settings. Under the Themes section, the Logo checkbox is checked. When the site was first delivered to me, in the Logo image settings section the Use the default logo checkbox was checked. I first tried uploading an image: I accessed the Browse button and selected an image that was within the size and dimension parameters, and then accessed the Save button. The page reloaded saying "The configuration options have been saved." However, there was no change. I then tried unchecking the Use the default logo and uploading the image again and saving again. Same result. Since the Path to custom logo: field showed "sites/" I replaced this with a path to the file from different places: first from a file I had already successfully uploaded using the File Browser interface that appears when you are sending messages (, then from an external site. Same result. I tried changing the "http://" portion to "sites/" with same result. As far as I can tell, I have tried all combinations numerous times since then. The "Edit your Header, Footer, Logo, and Theme" section in the Coordinator Manual implies that I should be able to change the logo. Help!
  2. How can we avoid unauthorized transfer of hours from one member’s account by third parties? Perhaps I misunderstood that members can only record exchanges that they provided. On my site, as a "member" only (no coordinator privileges) I am able to go in and record an exchange between two other members. For example, I can log into the Mark Simmonds member-level account and give 10 hours to our Community Chest account from Janet Alexander, another member. Because the Exchange History report does not include the member that created the exchange, and this summary is the only report of that data that is available, we are unable to identify or prevent our general membership from moving hours around between members without applying the Guardian Angel mode on each and every member. Is this a bug, a feature, or is it a setting that can be changed?

Any pointers or ideas are welcome.

Thank you,

Mark Simmonds
Primary Coordinator
People's Time Exchange