How to reply to Timebank's email message notifications with email

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I was looking for a way to enable members to respond via email to messages from the Timebank, rather than having to log in to the Timebank to reply to a message.

Found that there is a module which updates privatemsg to allow the email notification of a message to be from the member's email address, rather than from the timebank default email address. This allows the recipient of the message to reply via email directly to the sender of the message rather than logging into the timebank to reply via messaging. This will make the email address of the message sender visible to the message recipient. Members can still choose to have their email be private and to use the timebank site's email address in the "From" field when a notification is sent by editing their user account. 

The Drupal module is located at:

Download, unpack and copy to the modules folder via ftp if you wish to install it.

Then activate the module in Site Building-->Modules-->Mail-->Privatemsg notification sender

and check the settings in Site configuration-->Private messages-->E-mail notify