CW2.1 Risks for Site Admins

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SA’s should use caution enabling the new CW2.1 features.  I found that all new views created by features are non-editable!  It is strongly recommended that a full backup of your site be made before you enable features that might cause your TB to loose important custom functionality, especially if you are using “cloned” views.  Use the Backup and Migrate module to save the backup to your computer.

The issues I have discovered so far include:

  • Locked views (no longer editable or customizable)
  • High risk that "cloned" views will be overwritten
  • Ads are only displayed once, multiple service ad categories are ignored
  • RSS feeds for service ads stopped working
  • There is no undo for changes made via Features
  • Control Panel report customizations are lost and cannot be put back (see 1/30 update comment below)

You can see my detailed report here on the Action Hub: CW2.1 Report

I encourage other SA’s to report their findings about CW2.1 here on this Action Hub forum.  

Jim Tate