CW1 features missing in CW2

in Moving from CW1 to CW 2.0

The file I am attaching to this topic is “CW1 features missing in CW2 2012-02-15.xls”. It lists all the CW1 features that have been reported as missing in CW2. (Please note that the identification numbers in column A may seem to be random but only because this list is subset of the larger file of requests for CW2.) This list is ordered by the category of the item mentioned. Please see the notes in the first row for explanations for that column. The list of keywords used are shown in the second sheet. This file was shared in a googledocs and many of you may have already looked at it and offered additions to it.

If you notice any CW1 features that are not in CW2 and which are not yet mentioned in this list, please add your comments to this topic.

Thank you for your help with this.