CW1 Features and CW2 Features

in Moving from CW1 to CW 2.0

Dear Community Weaver Coordinators,

As I wrote in an earlier letter to you, from day today I am continuing to learn about our current situation. I think that it is important for the Timebank community to be informed , especially those using Community Weaver. In fact, it is essential if we are going to be a collaborative community. Therefore as I learn about CW2 and its development, I will be sharing this with you. I regret that my work and this letter was delayed by a car accident that required me to stop and recuperate. I had hoped to get this out much earlier.

I want to share with you some important concepts of the change we are going through in the move from CW1 to CW2. As you know, CW2 is a totally new program and not a further development of CW1. CW1 was developed and refined over a period of years.

In various discussions I have learned about the history of CW2 development. I was surprised to learn that there was apparently no written description of the specifications or features of CW1. Without that information, the programmers of the new CW2 were not aware of all the features of CW1 and therefore were not able to recreate them in CW2. For example, we have all clearly experienced that CW1 produced a number of email notifications that CW2 does not send out. There are also other features that were not carried over to CW2.

For this reason, I have created the process of learning from you, the experienced CW1 coordinators, what CW1 features were not implemented into CW2. This has enabled us to describe clearly what is still missing in CW2. In a separate topic "Comparing CW1 with CW2 Email Notifications" I have shared a file with the email notifications that CW1 provided and compared them with a list of email notifications that CW2 provides. This is only a description of the current situation, CW1 as it was and CW2 as it now is. This is not a wish list.  Please see that topic for the file and to add your comments.

In another tpoic “CW1 features missing in CW2” I shared a list of all the CW1 features that have been reported as missing in CW2. Please see that topic for the file and to add your comments.

I hope that the descriptioin these files will provide more clarity about teh differences between CW1 and CW2. Based on this documentation we can move towards defining the requests for features for an update to Community Weaver 2.0.

Best wishes,


TechCoordinator Timebanks USA