CW 3 Migration Announcement - Migrating from CW2 to CW3

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April 11, 2015

TimeBanks USA

CW 3 Migration Announcement

Dear Primary Coordinators,

In the CW 3 demonstration site you have been able to see the new Community Weaver version 3. You can now create your own copy of your TimeBank's data and import it into a temporary protected 'sandbox' that uses Community Weaver 3.

All standard Community Weaver 2 sites can immediately create this 'sandbox' version of their site using Community Weaver 3. The sandbox version of your site will allow you to experience, test, learn and also decide how you want to configure the CW 3.0 site. You can do all this without endangering your current site's data. The 'sandbox' version will include all of your site's current data; but is completely separate from your actual TimeBank. Using or playing in the CW 3.0 sandbox will not affect your CW 2 site. It will not send send notifications to your TimeBank members.

If your current Community Weaver web address (URL) is:

Then go to the web address (ULR): [Notice the addition of the “-3” in the web address.] This will initiate the first import of your current CW 2 site into the Community Weaver 3 sandbox version of your site. This may take a few minutes.

After you create your site's sandbox, you will need to make some changes to the configuration to allow some of the data to be visible. The member's profiles, offers, requests and recorded exchanges will immediately be accessible. All current and older pages, announcements (new called news), alerts and links will be imported into your sandbox but will not be visible on the home page until the coordinator 'publishes' them in the sandbox.

As Admin Coordinator (previously primary coordinator), you can re-import the data from your current public CW 2 site at any time, as many times as you like. Each import will overwrite the data in the sandbox site.

When you finally decide to switch over permanently to CW 3, you will “flip the switch” to make the final migration from CW 2 to CW 3. All changes made to the member's profiles, the service ads and the exchanges in the CW 3 sandbox will be overwritten with the most current information. From that point on, you will be in CW 3 and your CW 2 site will be closed out.

We have prepared some guidelines and check lists to help you with the migration of your data and to also help you prepare for the final migration and configuration of your site.

See the CW 3 Migration Documentation

The only CW 2 members that will automatically have a coordinator role in CW3 after the migration will be the CW 2 Primary Coordinators which are called Admin Coordinators in CW 3. The Admin Coordinators will then have to assign the coordinator roles to other coordinators. CW 3 has a new set of coordinator roles.


Coordinator Roles in CW 3

As Primary Coordinators of your CW 2 version you will be able to log onto the new CW 3 as “Admin Coordinators”. (The highest access to the new software is the role now called “Admin Coordinator.”). Other coordinators in CW 2 and all of your TimeBank members will be imported with only member access. It will be up to you, you as “Admin Coordinator” to assign your coordinators the coordinator access that fits your timebank structures.

As you consider those roles, you will find that the CW 3 coordinator roles have some changes from CW 2. In response to coordinator recommendations, we have divided the permissions into 4 roles to provide more flexibility for your leadership team. You may want to carefully consider who should be assigned which of the 4 available roles in your timebank. As in CW 2, it is possible to have more than one role.

Admin Coordinator – has access to everything, all site-wide configurations. Only the Admin Coordinators will be able to make site-wide changes of the configurations in your CW 3. The Admin Coordinator will also be able to assign all roles to any members in TimeBank.

Member Coordinator – This role has full access members' profiles, offers, requests, recorded exchanges, and their TimeBanker's Talents listings. The Member Coordinator can also edit all of these as well as create and edit alerts. Member Coordinators cannot create and edit the TimeBank's regular pages, news (announcements), links, events calendar, unless they are also given the Outreach Coordinator role.

Member Support Coordinator– This role is for coordinators to support members using the TimeBank. Member support coordinators can edit the members’ offers, requests, recorded exchanges, and timebanker's talents listings. However, they make changes in the member's profile. This coordinator can also create and edit alerts – but not the TimeBank's regular pages, news (announcements), links, events calendar, unless they are also given the Outreach Coordinator role.

Outreach Coordinator – is responsible for publicity and outreach. This role has access to create and edit the TimeBank's regular pages, news (announcements), links, events calendar, but cannot edit members' profiles, offers, requests, recorded exchanges and TimeBanker's Talents listings, unless given another role that has those permissions.

After you have assigned the coordinator roles, all of your TimeBank's coordinators can TRY IT OUT.

Please be sure to inform anyone who is using CW 3 as a temporary sandbox version site that any profile changes, any offers, requests or exchanges that are created or edited in the sandbox will be overwritten (and lost) when the final migration from CW 2 is made.

Remember, until your final migration is made, your CW 2 site is the only place for your timebank's activity.



TBUSA Technical Coordinator

p.s. Ask for support, report issues at: CW 3 Support  (login required)