CW 2.0 installation guide for open source code

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The long awaited open source code for Commuity Weaver 2.0 and a detailed installation guide is now publicaly available. The installation guide is intended for someone who knows Drupal and wants to install Community Weaver 2.0 on their own server.


Community Weaver 2.0 is based on Drupal 6; uses about 80 contributed Drupal modules, a few Drupal Supporting Libraries, and a Drupal theme. Additionally it uses 2 Drupal modules custom written for CW 2.0. The components developed for Community Weaver 2.0 are:

  • the Time Banks Drupal Module - provides a number of customizations on top of existing contributed modules, Guardian Angel functionality, etc.
  • the Availability Check Grid Module - creates a grid of checkboxes to show a user's general availability throughout the week
  • the MYSQL template of the Drupal database for Community Weaver 2.0 - provides all the settings and configurations that make up a complete Community Weaver 2.0 website ready for new users, ads, transactions, and other content to be added

The installation process includes the following 10 steps.

1. Install Drupal
2. Install Current Versions of Contributed Modules
3. Install Supporting Code Libraries
4. Install the Required Theme
5. Install Availability Check Grid module
6. Install Time Banks module
7. Load Community Weaver 2.0 database template
8. Configure Various Community Weaver and Drupal System Components
9. Configure Web Host Settings
10. Configure Final Settings in Drupal

For the full installation guide, including the links to the code repository go to: Install CW 2.0.

If you want to share your experiences about testing the installation of CW 2.0 and discuss it with others, join the discussion in the forum CW - Installation Guide & Code.