CW 2.0 Development Requests

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Dear Coordinators,

The attached spreadsheet file is the collected list of 149 requests for changes to Community Weaver 2.0. These have been collected from the email, the uservoice CW forum, and help desk, discussions during coordinator calls and where ever CW 2.0 issues were shared.  Despite our attempt to include all issues and requests, it is likely that we may have missed some. If we have missed any major ones, we can still add them.

To help you understand the chart please note:

  • The colors used are
    • YELLOW = request needs more information
    • RED = urgent or important issue
    • GREEN = completed or not needed
    • BLUE = not a CW issue
  • If the cells are highlighted ORANGE = that item is included in the recommendatoins for CW 2.1
  • Column "D" uses key words to categorize the requests according to the part of CW they pertain to. The entire list of keywords is on the second sheet of this file.
  • Column "E" uses abbreviations to group the requests in another type of categories (see the list in the note in cell E1).
    • NE = notification by email
    • V = view (how it looks, not Drupal view)
    • EM = error message
    • DE = data entry issue
    • CSV = csv report
  • Column "H" has a "Y" for YES if it refers to a feature that was available in CW1.
  • Column "I" has an "M" if it is an issue that effects Members.
  • Column "J" has a "C" if it is an issue that effects Coordinators.
  • Column "M" shows an estimate of priority for members and coordinators.  In other word, the higher the number the greater the estimated need for implementing this revision. This priority was suggested after reviewing a number of factors, especially including the needs expressed by coordinators. It is to be seen as a guideline and not as a decision about implementation.

Column "F" -- "Open Questions" list issues that need to be discussed and decided.

When I am working through this list of requests, I usually find it useful for sort the file by the column keywords or type (or a combination of the two) since it brings together issues in the same categories.

We are especially looking for comments on the "Open Questions" and on priority issues. Please use the reply link to reply to add a comment to this post.  Please start the subject line with  #168  (for example) if you are replying about the issue with the number 168. If you want to reply to a comment, please use the "reply" link at the bottom of that comment.  If you want to add a new issue, please start the subject line with the word "NEW" and in the comment provide as much information as possible as listed in the columns of the file. Include the name of the TB where it was observed.

I am looking forward to your comments.

Best wishes,

Eric, Tech Coordinator

p.s. The attached file is an excerpt of the google doc that you can view at: