Comparing CW1 with CW2 Email Notifications

in Moving from CW1 to CW 2.0

The attached file “Comparing CW1 with CW2 Email Notifications 2012-02-15.xls” lists both the email notifications that CW1 provided and compares them with a list of email notifications that CW2 provides. This is only a description of the current situation, CW1 as it was and CW2 as it now is. This is not a wish list. The pale yellow rows are the CW1 notifications. The pale orange rows are the CW2 notifications. It lists the trigger for the notification, the message and the recipient of the notification. Under the recipients columns, a brown field denotes that the notification is available in CW2 but in a different way that CW1 provided it. A red field means that this notification is missing in CW2.

Although this file was reviewed by many coordinators experienced with CW1 there may still be some errors in it. Please remember that in this list I want to document the current situation, not collect suggestions for changes.

Please add your comments to this topic.

Many thanks for your help in documenting the notifications