Community Weaver - improvements and updates - Version 3.0.19

in Letters to Coordinators

March 21, 2016


Dear Timebank Coordinators,

We have made some additional improvements and fixes for Community Weaver 3 (CW3). They will be implemented in Community Weaver 3.0.19 today. (See your version number at the bottom of your home page.) Below is a list of the improvements and changes.


For CW Coordinators only

A change - The default view for the list of applying members was changed from oldest to most recent at the top pf the list.

An improvement - The print out for Timebankers' Talents now has a cover page.

An improvement - Coordinators can now filter for members who have nor have not listed Timebankers' Talents.

A change - To prevent members from configuring their profile visibility settings to become invisible to other members, the visibility configuration of the member's profile, picture, first name, last name, nick name, and biography can now only be changed by a coordinator. Members will still be able to configure the visibility of their

  • post address (default is visible to coordinators only)

  • email

  • telephone number

  • contact information

Coordinators will need to be careful when making member's profile, picture, first name, last name, nick name, and biography of any member. Without these visible to other members can become very difficult to choose another member when looking for offers/requests, recording exchanges or sending messages in CW.

A bug fix - The Coordinator “Add a member” blank page error has been fixed.


For all CW members

A bug fix - Meaningless numbers appearing in the persons contact information werer removed. Member's privacy setting is now honored in CW email notifications to members.

An improvement - Introduced “dialects” for English (UK, Canada, New Zealand, USA) and French (French, Canada). These will only become available to members after the translations for them have been finished.


Please keep us informed if you find anything that is not working or if you need any help with CW.

Have a great day,


TBUSA Technical coordinator.