Community Weaver - improvements and updates - Version 3.0.16

in Letters to Coordinators

December 14, 2015


Dear TimeBank Coordinators

Community Weaver has a new minor update. Version 3.0.16 will be released on Tuesday December 15, 2015. Here is an overview of the improvements and fixes included in this version.


Spam Prevention

To prevent automatic spammers from using CW3 site's contact form (envelope icon), a reCaptcha was installed. This will stop most automatic spam attempts. Here’s how it works:

  • If you are an anonymous user or an unapproved member, you have to fill in the reCAPTCHA

  • Regular members do not have to fill in the recaptcha

  • Once you fill in the reCAPTCHA ONCE (per form), you don’t have to fill it in again (this is per Google’s reCAPTCHA policy)

  • Once the reCAPTCHA has been verified again, you can’t submit the form too quickly (3 seconds after loading), or too slowly (10 minutes after loading) - otherwise you’ll have to re-verify that you are a human right away

See reCaptcha details


Broadcast email

Broadcast mail from CW3 was sent with the from address which implied that a reply was futile. Now all broadcast mail sent from your CW site will show from your site's email address and replies to the broadcast email will be sent to your coordinators.

This past week there was a hot fix made to prevent broadcast email from being sent multiple times to each recipient.


New Feature

CW3 now has a translation feature, which will provide an easy way for translators to translate all the words, phrases and sentences used in CW3 into another language. We will first start with a test translations (one or two languages). This feature can only be used by translators, but when a new translation is finished, the results will be available for all to use.


Other fixes:

  • The word “transaction” has been replaced with the term 'exchange.”

  • Fixed the error that the publish date widget did not provide the correct default date and time (today and now).

  • A filter error in the list of events showing in the coordinator's Manage Events page was fixed.

  • Fixed a site email address error when migrating from CW2 to CW3.

  • Fixed a “Recent Offers” and “Recent Requests” error that made expiring ads show up as recent a week before the expiration date.


Due to a mailing glitch some of you may not have received the CW3 update mail for 3.0.15.  If you did not receive it, you can see that mail and all previous emails about CW3 at Letters to Coordinators.


Best wishes,


Eric Bachman, TBUSA Technical Coordinator