Community Weaver - improvements and updates - Version 3.0.15

in Letters to Coordinators

TimeBanks USA

November 23, 2015


Dear CW 3 Coordinators,

On Tuesday, Nov 24, we will release an update to CW version  3.0.15. This is a brief note about the changes.

This update will include the following improvements and new features for all members.


  • After the recipient of CW3 message opens the message topic to read it, the message will automatically (in 10 seconds) be set to the status “read.” You can also choose to set it back to unread, if you want.

Improvements to member's profiles

  • In the section “Living Situation” there are additional choices for “People at my home” and “Pets in my home,” to permit no as an answer, and in “Getting around” to permit wheelchair as an answer.
  • In the section “Communication” the “Spoken languages” list has been extended to include many more languages. If a language is missing, please let us know. Sign languages are not yet included but will come in a later release.

The following improvements and new features will be very useful for coordinators.

Manage / Events

  • When coordinators are managing the list of events, you will now be able to order the list of evens by “event date” or by “event title” and additionally you will be able to switch between ascending and descending.

Contact Form

  • Is it now possible to edit your contact form to change recipient email addresses and to set up additional categories to provide for contact form messages to any email address. Multiple recipients are also possible.

Coordinator Notes

  • The author of a coordinator note can now edit their own notes. Admin coordinators can edit all coordinator notes.

Add a Member

  • The function “Add a member” (located under the “+” sign) now allows coordinators to add an organizational member.

Guardian Angel configuration

  • If a coordinator disables the account of a member who is a Guardian Angel for another member, the coordinator will be requested to assign a new Guardian Angel to the managed account.

Community Weaver 3 is continuing to be improved. We are currently beginning to test the payment and donation feature which will be the next major release. And there are a number of smaller improvements and new features that are in the pipeline.

We will also soon release a tool that will create a interface for translators to begin creating CW in other languages. If you would like to help translate Community Weaver 3 from English into another language, please let me know.


Best wishes for the Thanksgiving holidays,


Eric Bachman, TBUSA Technical Coordinator