Community Weaver - improvements and updates - Version 3.0.14

in Letters to Coordinators

TimeBanks USA

November 7, 2015


Dear Community Weaver 3 Coordinators,

Early Friday morning we made some updates to Community Weaver. We are now running CW 3.0.14 . I regret that the new upgrade was released before we could inform you of the changes. Here are some of the important improvements for coordinators in this update.

The default view for the member's list for coordinators will now show all approved members, as was the case in CW2. The default view will no longer show applying members. You can view all by choosing “All roles” in the “Role” filter. Another way to work with applying members is to use the coordinator's “Dashboard”.

In the coordinators “Dashboard,” (see it under the GEAR icon) you will find some new reports. The full list of predefined filters that create reports show members that:

  • do not have their email verified.
  • are applying members (not approved).
  • are applying members and have completely filled out their profile.
  • were approved members but who have not yet completely filled out their profile.
  • have never posted an offer or request.
  • have no current offers or requests.

Organizational members are not required to have a manager. Not all organizational members want or need a manager. The update now implements this:

  • If a coordinator converted an individual member account to an organizational member account, the member organization will not be assigned a manager. (Previously the coordinator was erroneously assigned to be the manager of the member organization.)

  • If you have converted an individual member account to an organizational member account and that organizational member account was assigned a manager, you can now remove any and all managers from an organizational account.

Important improvements for all members include:

  • The “Recent Activity” notifications will now include links to the new news items and new events listed in the calendar.

  • Email sent by the system should no longer show a "Return Request" request in some email clients.

These are the most noticeable improvements. Here is the full list of improvements in the CW 3.0.14 upgrade.

We hope that these improvements improve your ease of using Community Weaver. Please let me know if you noticed any unexpected issues. Quick discoveries of any undesireable changes in CW depend upon your observations. Many thanks for your help.



Eric Bachman, TBUSA Technical Coordinator