Adding images to pages

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Coordinators are allowed to create and edit generic web pages.  It appears the default configuration does not allow images to be uploaded and embedded into pages.  If I visit it tells me that "You need to configure the import directory on the image import this module's settings page."  Following to the settings page ( I am allowed to select the path for temporary upload storage (the default is /tmp/image) yet the default entry is apparently non-existant.  Is there a path that exists and is recommended for temporary upload storage?  Is there anything else needed in order to get file uploads working so we can embed images into a given web page?  I know that I can embed images via HTML however, I'll need to know the path to the storage location so it seems like once file uploads are properly configured all we should need to do is upload the files and link as needed.  Hopefully there will be a new link in the coordinator menu that will facilitate file uploads once uploads are generally configured!  Am I missing anything?